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Cerita Dongeng Anak Anak Bahasa Inggris

Cerita Dongeng Anak Anak Bahasa Inggris
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Hai teman-teman, lagi cari cerita dongeng anak-anak yang bahasa inggris ya? nih ada cerita dongeng dalam bahasa inggris yang sederhana. Sehingga bisa dijadikan bahan kita untuk belajar bahasa inggris sambil menikmati cerita dongeng anak yang menarik.

Cerita dongeng kali ini berjudul "The Dragon and Fire Eater" atau dalam bahasa Indonesia artinya "Sang Naga dan Si Pemakan Api". Yuk kita baca sama-sama ceritanya.

Cerita Dongeng Anak: The Dragon and Fire Eater

The circus group entered a town. The trumpet anddrum sound were everywhere and made a crowd.But not this time. The group stopped. The music stopped, too

Sisam, the Strong Man, caught an opened curtain of a house. “Hello. Our circus group is back in town. Isn’t there anyone who would like to watch?”

An old man showed up his head out of that window,“Leave before the dragon comes. Every day he walks back and forth in the street and throws out some fire. Just leave now!”

The circus own-er starred at Sisam,“It seems you’repretty strong to handle the dragon. Show me what youcan do.”

Off he went tosee the dragon. Thenight had already fallen when Sisam got back to the circus. Looking so tired and sad, he said, “It’s only a little dragon. But he got an extreme fire! It’s very hot!Look at my burnt clothes!”

Everyone thought so hard to think about a way out,but a young man. Silently he left the town.

Cerita Dongeng Anak Anak Bahasa Inggris
In the mean time,Dalbo the Dragon was crying in his cave. He truly wanted a friend.But no one seemed to be his friend if he always threw out some fire everytime he opened his mouth.

Suddenly he heard foot steps.Dalbo found a young man wearing yellow clothes. He was interested at the young man’s clothes. But when Dalbo asked him … bush!The fire came out. A strange thing happened. The youngman didn’t feel afraid, not a bit. Instead, he opened his mouth and swallowed the fire.

Dalbo was so amazed. Laughing, the young man said,“I work in the circus. I’m the Fire Eater. Would you like to join me there?”

Dalbo agreed. They made a demonstration. People clapped every time they finished. Everyone could walk on the street again since there’s no dragon throwing out fire.

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